What are the requirements to take the for STPM examination?
Candidates with 1999 SPM qualification or earlier/Candidates with SPM(Vocational)/MCE/SPM after the year 2000 with at least grade C for three subjects, or at least a grade C in two subjects and a pass in four subjects. Candidates must possess the qualifications at least two years before taking the STPM.
How many subjects must I take for the STPM?
Candidates may take at least one subject and not more than five subjects.
When does registration open for STPM?
The STPM registration usually opens in January. Candidates may refer to the STPM calendar published in MEC's portal http://www.mpm.edu.my The announcements are also made in the local media.
What is meant by Candidate Type 1, Candidate Type 2, and Type 3?
Candidate Type 1 is a government school and government aided school candidate, Candidate Type 2 is a private school candidate, and Candidate Type 3 is a private individual candidate.
How much the STPM fee?
Candidates are required to pay the Basic Fee of RM55.00 and RM35.00 for each subject taken.
How does one register for STPM?
STPM registration is online. Candidates are advised to surf MEC's portal http://www.mpm.edu.my or http://mesp.gov.my/onlineSTPM for registration.
How is payment for registration carried out?
              Payment can be made in two ways:

i.  payment through internet banking account or credit card

ii. purchase of Malaysian Examinations Council personal identification numbers [PIN (MEC)] at the Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) by paying the basic
   fee and the subject fee plus the BSN service fee of RM1.00.


After registering for STPM, may I make any changes or add other subjects?
Yes, you may make changes to the subjects chosen or add subject. A fee of RM50.00 is charged. If candidates intend to increase the number of subjects, candidates are required to pay RM50.00 for each additional subject besides the basic RM50.00 stated earlier for change in subjects.
After registering for STPM, how can I check my registration status?
Candidates can check their STPM registration status through MEC's portal http://www.mpm.edu.my or via SMS by typing STPM INFO<space><IC No.> and send it to 15888. Date of verifying registration status can be checked at MEC's portal.
What are the documents that should I bring to the examination hall as proof that I had registered for the STPM examination?
Candidates should bring along the Laporan Pendaftaran Kemasukan Calon (LPKC) which should be printed by candidates through MEC's portal http://www.mpm.edu.my together with his/her identity card.
After registering for STPM, can I change my exam centre?
Yes, if the reason given is acceptable. The application must be made online no later than 29 June. After this date, the application for changing the examination centre will be charged RM50.00.
If I wish to withdraw from the STPM examination will my fees paid be refunded?
The exam fee will not be refunded if a candidate withdraws from the STPM examination, with the exception of a candidate who has a prolonged illness. A letter of confirmation by a Government Medical Officer has to be enclosed. For a deceased candidate (a copy of the death certificate should be submitted by family members or its representative), and for a candidate who obtains a place in a public institution of higher learning (IPTA) (a copy of the acceptance letter should be submitted).
What if I want to defer sitting for the STPM?
Candidates who wish to defer from sitting for STPM examination should submit an application with reasons and proof to the MEC before the examination begins. However, the application is subject to MEC's approval.
What type of calculators can be brought into the examination hall?
Only electronic calculators that are silent and unprogrammable are to be used in the STPM examination, except for questions that prohibit its usage.
Apart from result slips, how can I check my STPM results?
Candidates may also check their STPM examination results through MEC's portal http://www.mpm.edu.my and via SMS by typing STPM RESULT <space><IC number> and send it to 15888.
How can I appeal for the rechecking of my STPM results?
The appeal must be made online through MEC's portal http://www.mpm.edu.my The application should be sent within two weeks after the announcement of the examination results. The fee imposed is RM50.00 per paper.
What are the qualifications required to obtain a certificate in the STPM examination?
Certificates are awarded to candidates with at least one full pass. However, from 2012, the certificates will be awarded to candidates who obtain a partial pass and above in at least one subject.
When and where can I get my STPM certificate?
STPM certificates will be issued through the State Education Director by June. Government school candidates may collect their certificates from their respective schools, while private school candidates and private individual candidates may collect their certificates at the State Education Department.
How can I claim the STPM certificate that has been returned to the MEC?
Candidates who wish to claim such STPM certificates may apply to MEC by filling the relevant form that can be printed from MEC's portal http://www.mpm.edu.my . A fee of RM50.00 will be charged.
Can I get a replacement STPM certificate for the certificate that is damaged or lost?
Yes. Candidates who have lost or damaged their certificate may apply for a certified statement of result or a duplicate copy of the certificate. The application form can be obtained from MEC's portal http://www.mpm.edu.my . A fee of RM50.00 will be charged for a duplicate copy of the certificate. A fee of RM20.00 will be levied for the first application, RM30.00 for the second application and RM50.00 for the third application for a certified statement of results.
How long would it take to obtain a certified statement of result or a duplicate copy of certificate of STPM?
STPM statements of results which are requested by post are sent to applicants within one working day after the applications are received by the MEC, and within 30 minutes for over-the-counter applications. While copies of the STPM certificate which are requested by post will be sent to applicants within one working day after the receipt of the applications by the MEC, and within two hours for over-the-counter applications.
I need the STPM certificate in English for application to universities overseas. Does MEC provide such a service? If it does, what is the procedure?
Candidates who need the STPM transcript in English could request by submitting an application letter complete with the address of the university overseas, a copy of the results slip or certificate and a fee of RM50.00. Payment can be made by money order/postal order to Ketua Eksekutif Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia. The transcript will be sent direct to the university. However, a copy of the letter on the postage of the transcript will be sent to the candidate.
What is the criteria to determine a full pass or a partial pass in the STPM?
In the STPM open system, there is no more a full pass or a partial pass. A candidate who obtains a partial pass or better in at least one subject will be awarded a certificate. The Public Services Department (PSD) has released a circular that endorses this certificate for appoinment to public service.
Can the STPM results be combined for application to Institutions of Higher Learning?
Please refer to Bahagian Pengurusan Kemasukan Pelajar, Jabatan Pengajian Tinggi, Ministry of Higher Education.
Why is there a difference in the subject grade of two candidates, even though they have the same paper grade?
Even though they have the same paper grade, they do not necessarily have the same subject grade. This is because in awarding the subject grade, it is not just based on the paper grade but also the raw marks obtained for both papers.
How can one obtain the STPM Regulations and Scheme of examination?
You can buy the book from MEC. The application forms can be printed from the MEC's portal http://www.mpm.edu.my. This book can also be downloaded/printed free from the MEC's portal.
How can STPM syllabus be obtained?
You can buy the syllabus from MEC. The application forms can be printed from the MEC's portal http://www.mpm.edu.my. This book can also be downloaded/printed for free from the MEC's portal.
Where can I obtain the STPM past year questions booklet?
MEC produces STPM past year questions booklets which are published by a publisher. You can buy these booklet from book shops.
What is the entry requirements for form six?
The MEC is only responsible for the management of the STPM examination. The administration of entry to Form Six is managed by Bahagian Pengurusan Sekolah Harian, Ministry of Education and State Education Departments. Thus, you need to contact the respective Division/Department.
I want to fill in the form for a certified statement of result or a duplicate copy of the STPM certificate, but I have often forget my index number. What should I do?
It is alright if a candidate forgets his index number, as long as he can give his name, address, identity card number (plus a copy of the identity card) and the year he sat for the STPM would be sufficient.
When will the new STPM examination system be implemented?
The new STPM examination system will be implemented starting from 2012 lower six.
I am interested to become an STPM examiner. How do I apply?
Please get the Borang Permohonan Menjadi Pemeriksa from the MEC.