STPM Certificates

  1. School candidates are to collect their STPM certificates from their respective schools, while private school candidates and private individual candidates are to collect their certificates from their respective State Education Departments.

  2. Candidates are given a duration of 12 months after the release of results to collect their certificates, after which schools and State Education Departments will return all unclaimed certificates to the Malaysian Examinations Council. Candidates who wish to collect their certificates after the said period will contact Malaysian Examinations Council directly and a fee of RM50.00 will be imposed. The application must be accompanied by with a copy of the STPM result slip (if any), a copy of the Identity Card, a self addressed envelope measuring 38cm x 26cm with a postage stamp of RM2.00 and a Registered Post (Bar Code) of (RM2.20).  To obtain the form, please click  FORM TO OBTAIN STPM CERTIFICATE.

  3. A candidate who has lost his certificate may apply directly to the MEC for a verified statement of result or a copy of the certificate. Applications sent via postal must be accompanied by a copy of the candidate's identity card that has been verified by the principal or a Group A Officer.
    1. A fee of RM20.00 will be charged for the first application for a certified of statement of result, and RM30.00 will be imposed for a second application, and RM50.00 for the third application.  Payment is to be made to the Chief Executives Malaysian Examinations Council via Money Order or Postal Order. To obtain the form, please click FORM to apply for a copy of the statement of results  for the STPM examination/ MUET.
    2. To obtain a copy of the certificate, a fee of RM50.00 will be imposed. Click FORM  to request for a copy of the STPM certificate.
  4. Candidates wishing to obtain transcripts of their certificates in English are required to provide the following:
    1. An application letter for transcript stating the address of the foreign university applied for. Click FORM to request for a transcript of the STPM certificate.
    2. An administrative fee of RM50.00 will be charged for each transcript.
    3. A copy of the result slip or STPM certificate.
  5. The transcript will be sent directly by the Malaysian Examinations Council to the university concerned. A copy of the letter enclosed with the transcript to the intended university shall be sent to the candidate.