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Introduction to Shariah Registered Financial Planner (Shariah RFP)

As a credible and experienced examination body which offers various examinations such as academic assessment, competency and psychometric assessment, the Malaysian Examinations Council has been entrusted by the Malaysian Financial Planning Council (MFPC) to conduct Shariah Registered Financial Planner (Shariah RFP) examination.

Shariah RFP is a programme offered by MFPC to meet the national agenda which aims at making Malaysia  an Islamic Financial Centre by increasing the number of experts in the field of Islamic Capital Market, enhancing understanding of the influence of Shariah in the business context , preparing  candidates to hold important positions in the Islamic finance industry and takaful, providing an international benchmark that can equip candidates with knowledge of Islamic financial planning, introducing innovative and competitive Islamic products and services, increasing awareness of Malaysia's Islamic Financial Planning at domestic and international levels and building strategic cooperation between Malaysia and other Islamic countries.

The modules of Shariah RFP are as follows:


Module 1:       Fundamentals of Shariah Financial Planning

Module 2:       Risk and Takaful Planning

Module 3:       Shariah Investment Planning

Module 4:       Tax Planning

Module 5:       Shariah Estate Planning

Module 6:       Retirement Planning

Module 7:       Application of Shariah Financial Planning 

Apart from offering the Shariah RFP program modules such as those listed above, MFPC also offers Shariah RFP Capstone Programme, a fastrack programme specifically for candidates who are qualified upon resolution made by the MFPC and Shariah RFP Ad-Hoc with collaboration with organizations such as the Shariah RFP Ad-Hoc PNBi.