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Introduction to MEdSI

     According to Holland (1998), the match  between teacher's characteristics with a spesific career choice is essential to the motivation, work satisfaction, achievement, productivity and stability in his career. According to Parson (1908, in Sidek Mohd Noah, 2005), choosing a good career is similar with matching a round peg to a round hole or a square peg to a square hole. Hence, proper attention should be given in matching "the right person for the right job" when choosing teacher trainee candidates.

     Based on the objective mentioned earlier, among the important criteria for selection of potential teacher trainee candidates are personality, interest, achievement, integrity and emotional intelligence. Malaysian Educators Selection Inventory (MEdSI) is used for this purpose.


Format  of MEdSI

     MEdSI consists of 300 items which are divided into four sections, namely Personality (110 items), Career Interest (60 items), Integrity (70 items) and Emotional Intelligence (60 items).


Purpose of MEdSI

     MEdSI was developed to assess the intrinsic qualities of teacher trainee candidates from aspects such as Personality, Career Interest, Integrity and Emotional Intelligence. The data obtained from the assessment  is used to select suitable teacher trainee candidates for  education degree programmes in Public Institutions of Higher Learning.


Infomation about MEdSI

Title: MEdSI: Panduan Rasmi

Authors: Sidek Mohd Noah, Abdul Malek Abdul Karim & Wan Marzuki Wan Jaafar

Publisher: Oxford Fajar Sdn Bhd

ISBN: 978 983 45 0869 2  

Price: RM 9.90

This book is available in major book stores.