Guidelines for the Desk Officer of State Education Departments

  1. Constantly refer to the Manual for Candidate Registration which can be downloaded from the MeSP system.
  2. Abide by the deadlines set by MEC regarding all matters pertaining to registration.
  3. Update the registration details provided by the Examination Secretary of Schools/Institutions.
  4. Reorganise the small centres and combine them. Ensure that the number of candidates for a centre abides to the centre requirement which does not exceed 250 candidates or is not less than 50 candidates (except for schools in rural areas or permitted areas only).
  5. Check the registration data of schools/candidates in terms of the name of the main centre, name of the receiving centre, number of candidates and that the information available in the STPM/K9 (MPM) is the latest.
  6. Promptly process late registrations and submit them to MEC.
  7. Contact  directly the MEC information technology officer if there are any problems regarding registration at 03-61302651 (Encik Ghazali bin Arshad), 03-613302654 (Puan Siti Ainon bt Syed Musa) and 03-61369663 (ext: 6990) (Encik Mohd Tharmezy bin Md. Tajuddin) or 03-61369663 (general line).