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Loss of The Result Slip

  1. Candidates who lose their MUET result slips may apply for a valid Statement of MUET Results from the Malaysian Examinations Council. A fee of RM20.00 (for the first application) or RM30.00 (for the second application) or RM50.00 (for the third application and so on) will be charged.
  2. Applicants must complete the Application to Obtain Copy of Statement of STPM / MUET Examination Results which can be obtained and printed from the Malaysian Examinations Council's portal.
  3. MUET Statement of Results can be obtained through the following ways:
    1. Mail


      Payment must be made by Postal / Money Order / Bank Draft in the name of the Chief Executive of the Malaysian Examinations Council, together with a copy of candidate's Identity Card. Application must also be accompanied by a self-addressed envelope 23cm x 32.5cm and a RM2.00 stamp as well as a State Registration post bar code valued at RM2.20.

      The MUET statement will be mailed to candidates within a day after the application is received by the Malaysian Examinations Council. Applications which do not include the requested items in the above paragraph shall be deemed incomplete.


    2. Application at the Malaysian Examinations Council

      Payment can be made in cash and the applicant will receive the MUET Statement within half an hour after the application is received. Copies of the Identity Cards of the candidate and the representative must be submitted if the applicant requests a representative to apply on his behalf at the Malaysian Examinations Council.

  4. To obtain the Application to Obtain Copy of Statement of STPM / MUET Examination Results form, please click here.